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Costume design for the Seven Acts of Mercy.

As well as designing for the set we also had to design for six characters from the Seven Acts of Mercy. We had to choose 3 characters from Naples and 3 from Liverpool. The characters I chose were for Naples, Caravaggio, Lavinia and Marchese, and for Liverpool I chose Mickey, Leon and Razor. I wanted to get a mix of styles for my designs which is why I chose very different characters for Liverpool.

In order to create my designs I used photoshop using a sketch pad linked to my computer. This was my first time using a sketch pad like that and I found it really easy to use. My favourite costume design out of all the characters was Lavinia. I decided to use real images of models and draw on top of the image, I think this added an interesting quality as it also shows how the model would wear the costume/design.

This is my design for Lavinia, I took most of my inspiration for this character from the painting "The Seven Acts of Mercy" looking at the section depicting - "Visit the imprisoned and feed the hungry''. This section is my main inspiration as the play states that for this section Lavinia was the model which is why I have designed the costume which the shirt/corset undone showing her breast. I also decided to do a layered skirt, the top layer having been ripped a bit which is why the under skirt is showing.

For some of the other designs I didn't use a photo and just did a sketch. In my images I didn't completely fill the sketches with colour and just did basic lines. This isn't how I image the costumes these are just to show the basic colour and still allow the viewer to see the sketches lines.

For the Liverpool characters I decided to do modern clothing sticking with a suit for Razor so that he looked sharp however I also depicted the costume with the blood on it for later scenes in the bolthole.

For Leon and Mickey I wanted to stick to simple clothing opting for Jeans and an Everton hoodie for Mickey. I wanted these clothes to be baggy so that they look like they don't fit him well. For Leon I wanted to look into clothing that is typical of his age such as a polo golfing shirt and a cardigan. I looked into popular and common designs and the diamond design came up the most.

Finally for Caravaggio and Marchese I looked into images of the characters and designed my costumes based on images of the historical figures.

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